The 8 x 8 x 8 Rule

Hello Olive Peeps!

I was just reading an article by Dr. Nat Kringoudis, the natural fertility expert and ‘Hormone Revolutionist’, and she recommends a brilliant rule of thumb to keep stress levels in check that I just had to share with you.


There is an overwhelming amount of research these days showing the connection between stress and our overall health, particularly hormonal health. Many of you would have heard me say before, that whether you want to be having a baby or not, your fertility (ability to fall pregnant/impregnate a woman) is a very accurate gauge of your overall health. Stress, whether it be physical, toxic or mental/emotional, ages us in the blink of an eye and can very quickly throw our hormonal  balance out of whack.


There is a simple way to help manage your stress levels; it’s the 8 x 8 x 8 rule!

8 hours of work

8 hours of play

8 hours of sleep

Simple right?! I understand that not every single day of the week are we able to do 8 hours of work/play/sleep, however it’s a brilliant tool to check in and see if we are living a life that is sustainable and supportive of¬†our health goals.

See you on the adjusting table,

Dr. Laura and the OLIVE team