9 Immune Boosters


Welcome to chilly June! 


Since the weather is cooling quickly, I thought I would touch base on the importance of supercharging your immune system and preventing any unwanted expressions of health. ‘Expressing health’ is what we at OLIVE chiropractic call getting sick.
Super natural ways to boost your immune system include:

1. Get Adjusted: A chiropractic adjustment boosts your immune system. The brain and spinal cord run, coordinate, control, harmonise and govern every aspect of your health and your existence. There is an innate intelligence within your body which gives you the power to self heal. Without a proper functioning/ balanced nerve system you cannot be well and function at your best. Basically, the brain and body communicate via the nervous system, keeping it interference/ subluxation free is vital for a proper functioning immune system. In clinical trial studies, getting adjusted has been shown to boost immunity up to 400%. So next time your expressing health, come and grab an extra adjustment.
2. Avoid Sugar: Research suggests, that sugar decreases the function of your immune system almost immediately.
3. Take a fermented probiotic: This will recolonise your gut and strengthens your immune system. (OLIVE stocks Nuferm probiotic range, or Bio Kult. See below). 
4. Eat fermented foods: A healthy body needs probiotic foods for a strong immune function. So get into some yummy Sauerkraut, Kimchi, and Kombucha.
5. Take Olive Leaf extract: When your body is processing something, boost it with some fermented olive leaf extract. We stock an Olive leaf extract that also has probiotics added to it, and actually tastes good.
6. Exercise regularly: Move that gorgeous body. It gets your blood circulation flowing which strengthens your immune system.  
7. Get adequate Vit. D: The best way to boost your Vit. D is to get out in that sun. Even though it’s cold, we need to be even more conscious about getting out into the sun and soaking up that Vit. D goodness.
8. Drink lemon Juice: Squeeze half a lemon in warm water or one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and drink this in the morning to get a boost of Vit. C.
9. Get plenty of sleep: Yep, thats right, make sure you’re getting plenty of shut eye.

Have a happy and healthy month!

Dr. Bree