Creating Mindfulness


Hello OLIVE Family & Friends,

If left to our own devices the mind wanders through all kinds of thoughts. Usually, let’s be honest, negative thoughts including judgement, anger, cravings and depression, just to name a few. These thoughts are usually about the past, which no longer exists, or a fantasy about the future.
We are all very busy people, however, we all can make the time to be present. A conscious or mindful decision to pay attention, or as Jon Kabat- Zinn says, ” Mindfulness is the gentle effort to be continuously present with experience.”

This realisation came to me when a family member was anxious about an upcoming event. I had been so disconnected that I hadn’t even noticed.

Becoming mindful is for everyone. I invite you to learn to take time, be present, listen, connect consciously and be mindful. You’ll love how mindfulness feels within yourself and how others are attracted to it within you.

Techniques to become more mindful include:
– Meditation apps (I use Andrew Johnson/ The Mindfulness Company).
– Breathing.
– Earthing: Spending time with nature.
– Yoga: In particular Hatha Yoga. (Lisa has an amazing Yin Yoga Class. See timetable here).
– Daily Gratitude.
– Mindfulness colouring books
– and of course getting adjusted. This will ensure your nerve system is interference free which is vital for a clear mind and body connection.

Enjoy the benefits and beyond.

In Gratutide,

 Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly… ~ Proverb