Hello OLIVE friends & Family,

I’m really excited to share that in the next few months I’ll be taking some time away from OLIVE to prepare for the birth of our little one.  For the past 5 years I have dedicated much of my time and energy to ensure you and your families could all thrive and grow… apparently it’s my turn!

My husband Ryan and I are expecting the new addition to our family to arrive sometime in late August. In order to practice what I preach I know it’s important for me to reduce my hours before the baby arrives and have some time to prepare my body, mind and home!

We are so fortunate to have Dr Laura here at OLIVE. She will be extending her hours when I am away and I am so grateful that she has been observing me more recently and trying to meet many of you.  I appreciate that many of you have only been adjusted by me – but I’ve chosen Dr Laura to be at OLIVE for a reason. Not only does Dr. Laura adjust very similar to myself but she also went to the same chiropractic college and was adjusted by the same chiropractor growing up. I have been adjusted by her my whole pregnancy, so I know you are in good hands.

I’ve been struggling with the thought of not being at OLIVE for a little while, I love adjusting you and sharing in the lives of your families and it’s also a little daunting to start a role that is so new to me –  being a mum! If there is one thing I have learnt from all of you – it’s that family and health comes first so I’m going to try my best to prioritise our little bubba and our health for the next few months.

So I will be away from July 15th and will be back in practice sometime towards the end of the year.  During this time Dr. Laura, Nikki & Steph will be here to look after you all and I will be sure to share some baby photos and updates on how we are all doing. You may even bump into baby & I when we are getting adjusted by Dr. Laura.

It’s so important to me that you continue to get adjusted, learn, grow and thrive whilst I am away.  As a female business owner it’s challenging to balance family life and to keep a business running but I feel pretty blessed that the OLIVE Community is so supportive of me having a baby. Having the practice running as “normal” as possible allows me to relax knowing that you are all being looked after and so that I can concentrate on discovering the wonders of being a mother.

I can’t wait to meet our child and introduce to you all one day!


With love and gratitude,

Dr. Bree Weber Stewart