Barefoot Is Best


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Xero Huarache Sandals as worn by Dr. Bree & Dr. Laura

Have you ever noticed that kids always want to flick off their shoes?  Innately, they know it will be a lot easier learning to walk without them!

Contrary to popular belief, the barefoot is well suited for walking and all types of running without requiring modern, heavily cushioned, high-heeled running shoes.

Humans & our recent ancestors have been accomplished walkers & endurance runners for more than a million years (Lieberman et al. 2010). Research by Robbins and Hanna et al, indicates that humans were able to run comfortably and safely when barefoot or in minimal footwear by landing on the fore- or mid-foot before bringing down the heel.

However, too many people get injured every year (around 80% of runners) form problems arising in the foot because of incorrect equipment and inadequate technique.

The key for a long life of efficient movement involves reconnecting your brain and reconditioning your body. This is achieved by relearning the skill of locomotion by perfecting simple barefoot motor skill milestones and simultaneously, and gradually, building up adequate strength.

Another brand we love and wear are Vivobarefoot shoes!  Vivo’s look like normal sneakers but feel lighter, wider and flexible. Yes they are the perfect barefoot shoe! They even have videos and diagrams for you to learn the skill of barefoot running.

  1. Enhanced sensory feedback (proprioception)
  2. Unrestricted movement
  3. Improved shock absorption
  4. Increased energy efficiency
  5. Allows natural foot position
  6. Helps integrate your adjustments

With 200,000 nerve endings, 33 major muscles, 28 bones, 19 ligaments, the human foot is a biomechanics masterpiece!

Enjoy the benefits and beyond,

“Go and Feel the World” ~ Steven Sashen Xero CEO