Your trusted family Chiropractor in Mt. Gravatt

In a world where most of us hide behind pain and busy routines, OLIVE Chiropractic redefines the journey of sustainable health and vitality.

Our practice’s eco-conscious roots echo in every corner, inviting you to step into a space transformed from the past, designed for health and healing. Amid the modern whirlwind, we invite you to choose us to guide you on a new way of life and wellness. We do this through holistic chiropractic care acknowledging the body’s own ability to heal itself through the alignment of your spine and regulation of your nervous system. 

Don’t wait for a crisis to prioritise your health – join us today in nurturing you to living an undisturbed life without limitations. We look forward to meeting you.

What can we help with?

EVERYTHING! Our people, whether a first time visitor or long term client, are looking for a real approach to health and often choose OLIVE Chiropractic to:

    1. Relieve a problem (neck and back pain, headaches and migraines, nerve and disc issues).
    2. Correct an underlying cause of a problem.
    3. Prevent the reoccurrence of a problem and perform at optimum.
    4. Optimise function as part of a healthy lifestyle.

At OLIVE Chiropractic, our office is more than just a place for relief, it’s a place where sustainable health and vitality are created. Embracing a philosophy in natural wisdom, we understand that true health extends beyond the mere absence of symptoms.

It really is easier than you think. Join us as we create a healthier, more vibrant you!

Who is Chiropractic For?

EVERY BODY!  From pain to preventative care, our bespoke Chiropractic services are attuned to your needs. OLIVE has served the Mt. Gravatt community for 15 years. Whether you’re seeking pain relief, taking preventative measures, promoting family health, supporting a healthy pregnancy, nurturing your child’s neuro-  development and everything in between – we offer exceptional holistic chiropractic care with a focus on nervous system regulation. We’re here to serve you and guide you to a sustainable healthier version of you.  

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Life can be so busy! Online bookings are available for your 1st visit. Click the button below to get started or if at any time you’d rather call us we’d love to help schedule your 1st chiropractic visit. Call OLIVE on (07) 3349 1016 .