Chiropractic for babies & kids


Common reasons why people bring their child to OLIVE:

    • Head and body preference to one side
    • Head shape
    • Difficulty with tummy time
    • Support with Tongue Tie
    • Multiple falls and trips
    • Crying in a car seat
    • Colic and reflux
    • Retained Primitive Reflexes
    • Posture
    • Growth and development

The chiropractic techniques we use with children is a small amount of pressure and light touch which we adapt to suit each age group. Our practice is open plan and invites children to roam free, creating a comfortable enjoyable experience.

We would love to share with you some of the examples of improvements in peoples health that we observe daily in practice, however the Australian Government prohibits us from talking about case examples and sharing people’s testimonials about chiropractic. We apologises for this inconvenience however, we believe OLIVE’ reception room speaks for itself, always full with a diverse range of every age group. Enter OLIVE at any time and you will see people aged from a little bump in mothers tummy, beautiful newborn babies to spritely 90 plus.