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4 Reasons why people visit OLIVE chiropractic:

    1. To relieve a problem (aches, pain, headaches or dysfunction).
    2. To correct the underlying cause of a problem.
    3. To prevent the reoccurrence of a problem.
    4. To optimise their function as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Is your health sustainable?

Most people believe they are healthy because they have no pain, no symptoms, they exercise occasionally, eat well some of the time, are tired and well generally feel fine. Health is what most people take for granted until they have a crisis or major health challenge. Please don’t wait for something like this to happen. Make your health a priority today!

Do you or your family members:

  • have neck pain
  • have lower back pain
  • have sciatica pain
  • want to improve performance, strength & agility
  • feel wound up (SD protocol)
  • headaches and migraines
  • poor posture
  • feel tired, fatigued or have decreased performance

These are just a few common signs that you have spinal subluxations (misalignment) that we need to address. At OLIVE we literally help re-connect the dots and put vitality back into your health. Together let us re-establish that vital connection between the brain and body through chiropractic. Straighten up that posture, create a body that adapts to stressful situations with ease, feed your body with beautiful healthy foods, move regularly and give your body the health it innately deserves.

Babies, Kids & Chiropractic

At OLIVE all of our chiropractors have advanced postgraduate training to care for babies and children. Our practice is open plan and was designed with children in mind. This allows them to roam freely so they feel relaxed and at ease. Please click on the link to find out more information.

Book an appointment Online

Life can be so busy at times! To make things easier when planning your schedule we’ve introduced online bookings. Click the button below to get started or if at any time you’d rather call us for your booking we’d love to help schedule your 1st chiropractic visit.  Call OLIVE on (07) 3349 1016  during office hours.

Chiropractor, Mt Gravatt

We’re your local Chiropractor, Mt Gravatt come on by to begin your journey toward sustainable health and vitality!


Photo of Cedar, Dr. Bree’s Daughter by Sherrin