Our Philosophy




The care we provide is based on natural laws and guiding philosophies.

    1. There is an inborn wisdom in each of us which continually organises and co-ordinates the human body (termed innate intelligence).
    2. The body heals itself (simple but true).
    3. Physical, chemical and emotional stressors can overwhelm the body’s ability to adapt and overtime can lead to dis-ease and disease.
    4. The ability of the body to heal itself is determined by limitations of time and matter (given the right ingredients and environment amazing things can happen).
    5. The nervous system self-regulates, self-heals and coordinates all physiological processes.
    6. Chiropractors correct distortions to the nervous system (subluxations) to enhance innate function and the inner expression of health. They do not treat symptoms, diseases, or conditions (although as a result of a better functioning nervous system many problems can and do heal).
    7. Only the innate intelligence of the body can truly establish what is normal for every individual (what is beneficial or harmful for one person may not be for another).
    8. Chiropractic is not a substitute for medical care, nor is medical (or any other form of care) a substitute for chiropractic care.
    9. People must learn to take responsibility for, and make their own decisions regarding their health.
    10. A body with a good nerve supply is always better off than one with a poor nerve supply.
    11. Healing occurs from the inside-out.