Your 1st Visit

chiropractor mt. gravatt- practiceFirst Visit

From the moment you enter OLIVE you will feel at home. Upon completing your history form, you will be guided by one of our lovely chiropractic assistants to our consultation room, where you will meet your chiropractor. He or she will take the time to get a complete picture of your current health situation, your history and what we can do to help you.

We then perform a thorough examination which determines how we can best care for you so that you get the results that you desire. The examination will consist of several assessments to show us imbalances in your spine and nervous system. In adults, this may include imaging such as full spinal x-rays.

Full spinal x-rays determine the condition and position of your spine, stress areas, and the likely progression of your spine with time. Such imaging is typically not required with children.

Having performed all of the required tests, we will make a second visit where we will discuss with you the results of your case and develop a working strategy for your health journey. You should allow between 30- 45 minutes for your first visit.

chiropractor mt. gravatt- best chiropractor everSecond Visit

Your second visit is what we call your report of findings and is in two parts. To begin is our Pre Care appointment, in which we will explain where we fit into the health care system and what you can expect. The second half is your personalised report of findings in which we explain what we found, how we may be able to help you and a plan to achieve your outcomes. Of course, any questions or concerns that you have will be answered. If all is in order, we will begin care at this point.

Following this visit, you can organise your specific schedule for your initial phase of care with the chiropractic assistant at reception. Allow 30 minutes for your second visit.

chiropractor mt. gravattRegular Visits

Regular ongoing visits will be much shorter – but are just as, if not more important! Each visit builds on the ones before, improving the function of your spine and nervous system.