Our Team

Our vibrant team has deep respect for the human body and it’s self-healing and self-regulating qualities. At OLIVE our intent is to honour all journeys of healing, growth and discovery so you can express your body’s full innate potential. We are committed to helping you achieve your individual health goals by providing exceptional, life-changing chiropractic care.


Is a doctor of chiropractic  |  founder & creator of OLIVE chiropractic  |  Neuro- development Paediatric diplomate certified  |  Inspiral Paediatric Certified  |  SD Protocol Certified and a follower of all things natural, sustainable  & environmentally friendly.

Dr. Bree has experienced the chiropractic lifestyle first hand. She began chiropractic care with her whole family at age 10. Her parents believed in the chiropractic principles; that a properly balanced and optimum functioning nervous system, free from interference enabled them all to function at their full potential and be as healthy as possible.

Dr. Bree sees babies, children, and adults reach their optimum health potential through gentle, natural chiropractic care that honours you and your unique health journey. She has over 12 years experience and has completed her diplomate in Chiropractic Neuro- developmental Paediatrics.


Is a doctor of Chiropractic  |  Inspiral Paediatric Certified and a lover of natural and holistic family friendly healthcare.

Dr. Kali started her chiropractic journey at age 12 with her whole family after chiropractic care changed her mother’s life. Her family experienced first hand the amazing benefits that a well-functioning nerve system has on their lives and from then on, Dr. Kali wanted to share this gift to as many families as possible which is why she graduated as a chiropractor from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic. After living all over the world she now calls Brisbane home with her loveable Dalmatian named Basil.


Is a Chiropractic Assistant  |  CA

Stephanie is one of our beautiful welcoming team at OLIVE. As a CA, Stephanie continues to learn and promote the chiropractic philosophy and is honoured to work alongside Dr. Bree, Dr. Laura & Dr. Kali in creating a vibrant supportive chiropractic journey for everyone.

Stephanie’s other life and love is supporting others through her personal training with Train Tiger at Upper Mt Gravatt


Is a Chiropractic Assistant  |  CA

Lilith is one of our beautiful welcoming team at OLIVE. As a CA, Lilith loves working alongside Dr. Bree, Dr. Laura & Dr. Kali to support your health goals and create a supportive and enjoyable experience at OLIVE.

Currently studying Psychology, Lilith believes in a holistic and natural approach to healing and learning about the body and mind.